Women in Fintech

Our industry sits at the intersection of finance and technology. Fintech could have what it takes to reinvigorate and reform traditional finance, but its missing one powerful element...women.

The missing piece of the puzzle

Fintech has been on the up and up since the financial crisis, with investment rising year on year. Fintech’s refreshing ethos and dynamism has attracted graduates, engineers, marketers, even luring senior financial professionals out of their suits and ties, and yet women are still significantly under-represented. Let’s explore why we need more women in Fintech, and how we can attract them.

The Why

The How


Ultimately, fintech, as a dynamic, bold and lively industry should appeal to all people regardless of gender. Couple that with a broad understanding of the power and potential staff diversity has to improve business performance and we’re on the right path. But it will won’t happen overnight and it will require a commitment, so be bold and get involved. After all, we are part of an industry built on driving change.