Broker Q&A: Renee Tocco on Finding Client Solutions in Challenging Times

Zip business is launching a series of weekly partner and client spotlights to support and highlight the great work they do and continue to do throughout challenging times.

What better way to start this series than with Renee Tocco, a leader in the Australian asset finance space and Founder/Managing Director of Loanezi.

Renee has been operating her successful brokerage for four years and sits on the Board of Directors at CAFBA, leading diversity and solutions for members across Australia.

As a broker, she understands how important it is to support business owners’ navigate this challenging period. We find out how Renee continues to find options for her clients, what drew her to the industry and her experience using Zip Business for tailored finance solutions:

  • How long have you been a broker and what attracted you to the industry?

I have been a broker, and Loanezi has been established for 4 years. I became a broker because I identified a gap in the market for Commercial Asset finance, and as an entrepreneur at heart, I decided to start this business to enter that niche.

  • What do you love about being a broker?

I love being at the coal face of helping businesses achieve their goals. Without suitable finance arrangements, businesses are not able to grow and maximise on the opportunities they may have access to. I feel great joy in being part of my client’s businesses as a trusted advisor and seeing them achieve and exceed their plans.

  • What are your thoughts on how the Government has reacted to assist SMEs and on the Government’s SME loan guarantee scheme?

I am proud of the hard work of our Government during such uncertain times. They have saved Australia from what could have been a much greater crisis with the measures they put in place. The stimulus packages have been well-tailored to be front-loaded and will hopefully flow back into the economy faster to help us in the bounce back. We have Leadership in charge and I support their efforts and endeavours greatly!

  • How have you helped your clients with Zip Business’s services?

We had a Diesel rebuilding business who desperately needed funds to cover a period of cash flow gap issues. This was a thriving business who encountered a period of cash flow downturn due to supplier payment issues, and a large client going bust midway through a project. Without access to the funds they needed, they would have had to draw down from personal equity in their family home.

This business was able to get the loan required, and I am happy to report they survived, and they are actually thriving now in this current economic environment as their services are heavily used in the Transport sector which is thriving.

  • Have you seen any of your business clients’ innovate their business in the face of challenging times?

As per the above client example, after the support we were able to help them survive the downturn prior to the COVID crisis, they were fortunately in a position to capitalise on the COVID crisis by picking up several new contracts to support the Transport sector. Some of their top competitors have actually downscaled during these times, and they have been in a position to grow.

  • What’s been your experience writing business loans with Zip Business?

As one of our main funders for unsecured business loans and lines of credit, we have had a lot of interaction with the team. Client’s have access to sharper rates, and we feel good to be able to offer them the variety of product options available through Zip Business. The client experience has also been wonderful, and we only received good feedback. The Zip Business team has been well received by our clients and we have had a supportive experience in all leads we have referred to Spotcap to date. The communication is really great!

The tick and flick process of leads with some of our funders is also easier, and we enjoy using that process especially during busy periods at Loanezi.

  • What would you tell other brokers thinking about using Zip Business for their business clients

I would highly recommend any broker who is considering working with Zip Business, to give them a go. The service levels will exceed your expectation, and your clients will be well taken care of. Remuneration and payment are also very efficient. If you are not offering your clients lines of credit or unsecured business loans at present, there will be another Broker who will swoop in and offer those services. It is essential to maximise on your client database, and offering these products is easy and these are products most business already have and need.

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