Business Spotlight: Proud Mary Keeps on Roasting

With cafe’s forced to close their doors for dine-in, business owners have had to reinvent the way they do business. For Proud Mary Coffee Roasters, this meant finding a way to get their delicious food and quality coffee to their Collingwood customers, just as they’ve been doing for over 10 years. 

This week, we talk to Amy Davis, Chief Financial Officer of Proud Mary Coffee Roasters Pty Ltd, who reveals the way they pivoted their model throughout COVID-19 and how Zip Business funding has helped them grow.


Why was Proud Mary founded? 

Proud Mary was founded in 2009 by husband and wife Nolan and Shari Hirte with the goal of creating a space where anyone can joyfully partake in coffee culture and make a difference.  

We source high-quality coffee direct from origin, roast the beans, and supply coffee around Australia and America. Through deep and meaningful relationships with coffee farmers, telling stories of the product and the process, we fight for more equitable practices and greater appreciation in the coffee space.

What do you love most about being a part of the business?

We believe that great coffee and food should go hand in hand. We are thrilled to blow your minds and feed your soul with our deliciously inventive all-day breakfast, lunch, high-end tea, smoothies, pastries and table service along with our high-quality coffee—all made with fresh, ethically sourced ingredients. 

How have you pivoted or evolved your business during COVID-19?

We wanted to keep providing our amazing customers with all the high-quality products and all-day breakfast treats safely, so we added breakfast kits for our staple menu items, produce boxes and pre-made meals to our online store with same-day delivery. 

How did Zip Business funding help you grow the business? 

We used the funds to purchase a Probat G45 retro coffee roaster for from Germany, which will replace one of our smaller coffee roasters and allow for growth in our business. 

How would you describe working with the team at Zip Business?

The team at Zip Business has made the process really easy, it’s all online in one platform, so the application can be done anytime from anywhere. We were able to email our Zip Business rep with any questions we had during the application process which always received a quick response. 

What would you tell another small business thinking of using Zip Business? 

We like to keep our line of credit open and find it’s most useful for our short-term financing needs, it allows for more flexibility in our cash flow while we’re growing. 


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